Adrian Foltyn
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Adrian Foltyn


Composer, author of music for various sets of instruments, vitally preoccupied with electronic media. Foltyn has researched the perception of music based on exact sciences, including neurophysiology, a fact which finds reflection in his music, e.g. in the utilization of brain wave measurement instruments, experiments with temporal extension of sounds, and the application of algorithmic recreation of electronic sounds juxtaposed with acoustic instruments. (EC)

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ReDim Q-Int for piano quintet and electronic sounds

year of composition: 2014
duration of the piece: 22'
genre: multimedia works in which sound is the main composition element
programme edition: 2014/15
commission: Stowarzyszenie Polskich Artystów Muzyków
materials accessible until: 25 September 2017
recording accessible until: 25 September 2020


REDIM Q-INT for piano quintet and electronic sounds premiere, held on 12 April 2014 at the Audiovisual Technology Center in Wrocław.


Wojciech Świętoński, piano
String Quartet Nostadema:
Jakub Nowak, violin I
Kamil Staniczek, violin II
Aleksandra Demowska-Madejska, viola
Joanna Citkowicz-Włodarczyk, cello