Aldona Nawrocka
fot. Marta Ankiersztejn © IMIT

Aldona Nawrocka


Composer, pianist, improviser and pedagogue. Her very diverse oeuvre includes piano works, orchestral compositions, vocal and instrumental pieces, electroacoustic music, and songs and works for children. One key field of Nawrocka’s activity is her collaboration with artists, as part of which she writes incidental music for dance and ballet productions. Nawrocka tries to approach these two media on a par, so that they are mutually complementary. In her music she often applies the open form, leaving performers significant room for improvisation. (KS)

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action/CONTRaction/REaction for dancers, electronic and interactive systems

year of composition: 2013
duration of the piece: 35'
genre: electroacoustic works
programme edition: 2013/14
commission: Narodowe Forum Muzyki
materials accessible until: 25 September 2017
recording accessible until: indefinitely


ACTION/CONTRACTION/REACTION for dancers, electronic and interactive systems premiere, held on 19 October 2013 at IMPART in Wrocław.


Warsaw Dance Theatre:
Radomir Bachar, dance
Kamila Borowska, dance
Aleksandra Dziurosz, dance
Anna Majder, dance
Agata Pankowska, dance
Natalia Walach, dance
Andrzej Kopeć, inteactive systems engineer
Aldona Nawrocka, coordinator