Andrzej Mozgała
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Andrzej Mozgała


Composer, conductor and pedagogue. As a teacher he composes a lot of works intended for children. His oeuvre refers to the aesthetics of the musical while also employing selected features of various dances. Mozgała frequently anchors his works in traditional aesthetics, in particular that of the baroque period. In doing so, however, he deliberately processes and distorts the familiar idioms, floating towards neoclassicism. (KS)

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland children's opera

year of composition: 2012
duration of the piece: 40'
genre: stage works
language version: PL
programme edition: 2013/14
commission: Prywatna Szkoła Muzyczna I stopnia PRO MUSICA
materials accessible until: 8 May 2016
recording accessible until: indefinitely


ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND children’s opera premiere, held on 26 May 2013 at the Regionalne Centrum Kultury Pogranicza in Krosno.


Estera Turek - Alicja, soprano
Aleksandra Blicharczyk - Kapelusznik/Szarak, alto
Anna Józefowicz - Gąsienica, soprano
Paulina Krupa - Kot, soprano
Dominika Twardzik - Królowa, alto
Emilia Tyburska - Siostra Alicji, soprano
Julia Zajdel - Siostra Alicji, soprano
Orchestra, Choir and Dancing groups from Private Schools Music „Pro Musica” in Krosno
Andrzej Mozgała, conductor