Bronius Kutavičius

Bronius Kutavičius


Lithuanian composer and pedagogue, major representative of Lithuanian minimalism, a unique combination of repetitiveness with traditional sutartin song forms and elements of popular music. Kutavičius earned his name as a composer of vocal and instrumental music, mainly oratorios referrin+C4g to the ceremonies of Slavic tribes, as evident in the ritual rhythms and folk intonations. Despite the characteristically repetitive motifs, Kutavičius’s compositions are far removed from typical meditativeness, and their clearly pronounced rhythms and original singing techniques transforms them into lively narratives. (EC)

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Frater Polish-Lithuanian multimedial suite for consort of 4 violas da gamba, saxophone, computer synthesizer (or piano) and voice Hommage à Lutosławski, for the 100-th anniversary of the composer's birth

year of composition: 2013
duration of the piece: 70'
genre: chamber (from 2 to 9 performers)
language version: PL/LTU/LAT
programme edition: 2012/13
commission: Fundacja f.o.r.t.e.
materials accessible until: 25 September 2017
recording accessible until: indefinitely

composer / composers:

Vytautas Germanavičius
Anthony Oscar Milosz
Zygmunt Konieczny
Bronius Kutavičius


POLISH-LITHUANIAN MULTIMEDIAL SUITE for consort of 4 violas da gamba, saxophone, computer synthesizer (or piano) and voice “Hommage à Lutosławski”, for the 100-th anniversary of the composer’s birth premiere, held on 9 October 2013 at the Concert Hall in Arsenal in Vilnius.


Jazdowska Band:
Alina Mleczko, saxophone
Ania Broda, voice, dulcimer
Cezary Duchnowski, synthesizer, computer
Darius Stabinskas, soprano viola da gamba
Mateusz Kowalski, tenor viola da gamba
Robertas Bliskevicius, bass viola da gamba
Justyna Rekść-Raubo, bass viola da gamba, ocarina
Maciej Walczak, visual poetry
Jacek Kołtuniak, sound engineer