Joachim Mencel
fot. © Wojciech Karliński

Joachim Mencel


Jazz musician, pianist, composer and music producer. He has written songs for a number of esteemed vocalists, and composed a range of vocal and instrumental sacral works. His oeuvre combines jazz music and free improvisation with the elements of club and world music. The various styles which inform his music do blend into cohesive entities. (KS)

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Five Minutes Till Noon song cycle

year of composition: 2013
duration of the piece: 40'
genre: orchestral
language version: PL
programme edition: 2013/14
commission: Wydawnictwo Beata Mencel Inspirafon
materials accessible until: 23 October 2016
recording accessible until: indefinitely


SONG CYCLE five minutes till noon premiere, held on 23 October 2013 at the Chorzowskie Centrum Kultury in Chorzów.


Katarzyna Bogusz, vocal
El Greco Band:
Jorgos Skolias, vocal
Joachim Mencel, piano Rhodes, grand piano, Hammond organ
DJ Krime (Wojciech Długosz), turntablism
Andrzej Święs, bass guitar
Harry Tanschek, drums
ICON Orchestra
Hubert Kowalski, conductor