Justyna Kowalska-Lasoń
fot. Magdalena Hueckel © IMIT

Justyna Kowalska-Lasoń


Flutist, pianist and composer. Aesthetically conscious, self-reflexive, and well acquainted with contemporary composing techniques, Lasoń’s music is mature and well thought-out. Her classicizing pieces amount to a manifesto of coherence with the natural world, internal harmony, and spontaneous expression. Lasoń seeks inspiration in spatiality and the world of painting, frequently experimenting with tonality and chance. (AM)

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I Dream the Dreams of All Dreaming Symphony No. 1 Concertante for flute and orchestra

year of composition: 2014
duration of the piece: 17'
genre: orchestral
programme edition: 2013/14
commission: Warmińsko-Mazurska Filharmonia w Olsztynie
materials accessible until: 25 September 2017
recording accessible until: indefinitely


I DREAM THE DREAMS OF ALL DREAMING SYMPHONY NO. 1 CONCERTANTE for flute and orchestra premiere, held on 24 October 2014 at the Warmia-Masuria Philharmony in Olsztyn.


Łukasz Długosz, flute
Piotr Sułkowski, conductor

cast overview:

fl solo-1(+1picc)221(+1cfg)-2221-batt (3esec) ar pf-archi

What was illuminated, becomes light for 2 flutes and string orchestra

year of composition: 2015
duration of the piece: 16'
genre: solo works
language version: POL; ENG
programme edition: 2015/16
commission: Instytucja Promocji i Upowszechniania Muzyki Silesia
materials accessible until: 29 June 2019
recording accessible until: 10 October 2022


“What was illuminated, becomes light” for 2 flutes and string orchestra held on 11th October 2015 in Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice.

date and place of 2nd performance:

23 July 2016, Zakopane


Agata Kielar-Długosz, flute
Łukasz Długosz, flute
Aukso Chamber Orchestra
Marek Moś, conductor

String Quartet No. 3 I Find My Song

year of composition: 2013
duration of the piece: 17'
genre: chamber (from 2 to 9 performers)
programme edition: 2012/13
commission: Narodowa Orkiestra Symfoniczna Polskiego Radia
materials accessible until: 23 June 2016
recording accessible until: indefinitely


STRING QUARTET NO. 3 ‘I find my song’ premiere, held on 27 April 2013 at the Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice.


Silesian String Quartet:
Szymon Krzeszowiec, violin I
Arkadiusz Kubica, violin II
Łukasz Syrnicki, viola
Piotr Janosik, cello