Leszek Możdżer
fot. © Jacek Poremba

Leszek Możdżer


Pianist, composer, arranger, music producer. His oeuvre is exceptionally diverse, ranging from the musical through classical forms and microtonal experiments. Striving for original sound seems to be the single common denominator of Możdżer’s compositions. His pieces are typified by vivid narratives juxtaposed with a consistent pulse. Możdżer’s music is an incessant clash of high and popular styles, and blurs the boundaries which delineate individual genres. (KS)

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Concerto preludium & fuga for string orchestra

year of composition: 2013
duration of the piece: 20'
genre: orchestral
programme edition: 2013/14
commission: Elbląska Orkiestra Kameralna
materials accessible until: 9 May 2016
recording accessible until: indefinitely


CONCERTO preludium & fuga for string orchestra premiere, held on 26 October 2013 in Elbląg.


Elbląg Chamber Orchestra