Mieczysław Litwiński
Mieczysław Litwiński – © Mieczysław Litwiński

Mieczysław Litwiński

Composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist. His oeuvre combines the musical traditions of the East and the West with improvisational liberty and jazz influences. Litwiński uses a range of ethnic instruments, turning to archaic vocal techniques in his search of new possibilities of the human voice. His inspiration comes from mystic texts rooted in a diverse range of cultures, from the Egyptian Book of the Dead through Angelus Silesius’s poetry. As a musician and improviser, Litwiński eagerly indulges in collective projects, among others working in the “Sol et Luna” duo with Saba Zuzanna Krasoczko. (KS)

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Dream About Podlasie intuitive audivisual composition to Mariusz Wideryński's photography

year of composition: 2012
duration of the piece: 50'
genre: multimedia works in which sound is the main composition element
programme edition: 2012/13
commission: Polskie Towarzystwo Muzyki Współczesnej
materials accessible until: 10 May 2016
recording accessible until: indefinitely

composer / composers:

Krzysztof Knittel
Ryszard Latecki
Mieczysław Litwiński
Tadeusz Sudnik
Tadeusz Wielecki


DREAM ABOUT PODLASIE intuitive audiovisual composition to Mariusz Wideryński’s photography premiere, held on 12 November 2012 at the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio in Warsaw.


Mariusz Wideryński, visual performance
Mud Cavaliers Group:
Krzysztof Knittel, sampler, midi monochord, ISA midi arp
Jerzy Kornowicz, piano
Ryszard Latecki, trumpet, harmonium, pseudo instruments
Mieczysław Litwiński, voice, harmonium, violin, bow cittern, ancient and ethnic instruments, speech
Tadeusz Sudnik, grooveboxes, sound efects
Tadeusz Wielecki, double bass
Iłona Les, cello
Siarhiej Machau, flute
Wieranika Pradzied, dulcimer
Andrej Chadanowicz, speech