Paweł Mykietyn
fot. © Magda Hueckel

Paweł Mykietyn


Composer and clarinetist. From his very earliest works, Mykietyn has played with musical conventions, establishing himself as an outstanding ironist. Later on, he developed a surprising interplay with his own style, exploring the world of microtones and injecting his compositions with elements of popular music or transferring them onto wax rollers. Mykietyn’s ongoing play is a testament to his great sense for the theatrical, an impression he attains through a language of musical gestures. Still, the mask of the ironist and the theatrical costume never hinder what lies underneath, as Mykietyn’s craft remains consistently logical, mathematically precise, and rigorous in its manipulations with tempos. (KS)

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Concerto for flute and orchestra

year of composition: 2013
duration of the piece: 17'20''
genre: orchestral
programme edition: 2012/13
commission: Filharmonia Łódzka im. Artura Rubinsteina
materials accessible until: 19 March 2016
recording accessible until: indefinitely


CONCERTO for flute and orchestra premiere, held on 29 November 2013 at the Arthur Rubinstein Lodz Philharmonic Orchestra in Lodz.


Łukasz Długosz, flute
Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra in Lodz
Wojciech Rodek, conductor

cast overview:

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