Paweł Sołtysiak
Paweł Sołtysiak – © Paweł Sołtysiak

Paweł Sołtysiak


Composer. Tied to the theater milieu, Sołtysiak writes music which probes beyond the traditional confines, amounting to an expressive interplay of sounds, words, movement and gestures. Sołtysiak has created audio stage forms, as well as instrumental pieces and incidental music to films and theater performances. (AM)

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Pułbeczek ryb za złotych szesnaście audio-stage actions for single actor

year of composition: 2012
duration of the piece: 20'
genre: audiostage works
language version: PL
programme edition: 2012/13
commission: Polskie Towarzystwo Muzyki Współczesnej
materials accessible until: 12 September 2015
recording accessible until: indefinitely

composer / composers:

Paweł Sołtysiak
Piotr Filonowicz
Jakub Snochowski


PUŁBECZEK RYB ZA ZŁOTYCH SZESNAŚCIE – audio-stage actions for single actor premiere, held on 24th November 2012 at the Modern Art Center Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw.


Jakub Snochowski, actor